Information for Conference Participants

A. Conference Participation Information

The conference will take place on both April 27th (Saturday) and April 28th (Sunday), with doors opening at 9:00 am on both days.

  1. Registration

    For participants coming from overseas, on-site registration and payment will be accepted.

  2. Cancellation Policy

    Cancellation requests will not be eligible for a refund of the registration fee.

Registration Period:

Until May 31, 2024

Registration Fee:

By registering for the 21st Annual Meeting and Academic Conference of the Japanese Oral Care Society, you will automatically be enrolled in the 4th International Congress of Oral Care Society as well. The registration fees for the conference are as follows:

Category | Conference Participation Fee | Abstract Submission for International Congress of Oral Care Society

Member (Physician/Dentist/Pharmacist) | ¥12,000 | ¥15,000
Non-Member (Physician/Dentist/Pharmacist) | ¥16,000 | ¥19,000
Member (Medical Staff) | ¥7,000 | ¥10,000
Non-Member (Medical Staff) | ¥12,000 | ¥15,000
Member (Care Worker/Care Support Specialist) | ¥2,000 | ¥5,000
Non-Member (Care Worker/Care Support Specialist) | ¥3,000 | ¥6,000
Member (Student) (※1) | ¥1,000 | ¥4,000
Non-Member (Student) (※1) | ¥2,000 | ¥5,000
Member (School Administrative Staff) | ¥2,000 | ¥5,000
Non-Member (School Administrative Staff) | ¥3,000 | ¥6,000
Member (Corporate) | ¥16,000 | ¥19,000
Non-Member (Corporate) | ¥16,000 | ¥19,000
WEB Participants from Overseas | ¥0 | ¥0
Invited Speakers | ¥0 | ¥0
Honorary Member of the Japanese Oral Care Society | ¥0 | ¥3,000
※1: Students need to provide valid student identification for registration.

Receipt and Badge Collection:

International Participants:
If you are attending from overseas, please provide your name at the reception:
(1) Payment of the registration fee is required (please consult the main reception for payment methods).
(2) After payment, your participation certificate will be provided.

Event Format:

Venue 1: On-site Venue + On-Demand Video Streaming (ICD Workshop will have live streaming)
Venue 2: On-site Venue + On-Demand Video Streaming
Venue 3: On-site Venue + On-Demand Video Streaming
Poster Venue: On-site Venue
On-Demand Streaming Period:
From May 8th (Wednesday) to May 31st (Friday), 2024


A cloakroom will be provided on the 1st floor. However, due to limited space, please consider using nearby station coin lockers.

Luncheon Seminar:

Luncheon seminar tickets will be distributed on the morning of each event day.
Distribution time for both days: 9:00 am onwards
Distribution location (common for both days): Lobby on the 2nd floor of Hitotsubashi Hall
(No ticket is required for the "Luncheon General Assembly" on April 27th (Saturday). Participants wishing to attend can receive a lunch box at the venue entrance (limited quantity).)
Important Notes:
Distribution is on a first-come-first-served basis; distribution will end once the limit is reached.
Please wear your participation badge during distribution; individuals without badges will not receive tickets.
One ticket per person; multiple tickets will not be issued.
Line cutting or joining a queue without waiting is strictly prohibited.

C. To Presenters:
To Speakers and Presenters
Regarding Presentation Data:

As a general rule, presentations will be conducted using on-site PCs.
You may bring either your presentation data or your own PC. However, if your presentation includes videos or you are using a Macintosh, please ensure to bring your own PC.

Please submit your presentation data to the "PC Reception" at least 1 hour before the scheduled start of your assigned presentation (20 minutes before the first program in the morning).

If you are scheduled for an oral presentation but cannot attend in person, please send the MP4 data using the method described below. We will broadcast it at the scheduled presentation time.

  1. Creating Presentation Data:

    Use Microsoft PowerPoint 2016 or later to create and save your presentation data.
    Create slides with a size ratio of 16:9.
    Use fonts that are standard in the Windows version of Microsoft PowerPoint (MS/MSP Gothic, MS/MSP Mincho, Arial, Times New Roman, Century, etc.).
    If you use special fonts, they may be replaced with alternative fonts, causing layout issues. If using special fonts, convert them to images and paste them as objects.
    For data with embedded video files, ensure the video data is stored in the designated video folder. Also, check compatibility on another PC in advance.
    In case of audio or video output, please inform the PC reception staff. Whether bringing your PC or using on-site PCs:
    (1) Use up-to-date antivirus software to check for virus infections through media.
    (2) Bring a backup of your data in case of unforeseen circumstances.
    (3) Note that the use of "Presenter Tools" is not possible.

  2. If you bring your own data:

    If you are bringing your presentation data, please bring it on a USB or CD-R. Make sure that the USB or CD-R has undergone a virus check using the latest antivirus software. We will responsibly delete the data after the conference.

  3. If you bring your own PC:

    If you bring your own PC, it must be a model that operates on Windows 7 or later, or a Macintosh with HDMI or Mini D-Sub15-pin monitor output terminals (Note: Thin PCs may have different output terminal standards). If the output standard is different, please bring the necessary connecting terminals. Additionally, use USB ports (Type-A) for connecting peripherals. If your PC does not have a USB port, bring the appropriate conversion connector (e.g., MacBook USB Type-C to USB Type-A converter).
    Bringing a power adapter is essential, as presenting on battery power can lead to issues.
    Disable features that may interfere with your presentation, such as sleep mode, screensavers, and power-saving functions, beforehand.
    After conducting external output and operational checks at the PC reception, bring your PC to the venue operator 20 minutes before your presentation. The PC reception will not hold PCs.

  4. Entering the Lecture Hall:

    The next speaker should take their seat at the next speaker's seat on the left front side of the venue 10 minutes before their presentation.

  5. General oral presentations:

    Each general oral presentation will have 6 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for questions. Please design your presentation slides to fit within the 6-minute timeframe.

To Poster Presenters:

  1. General Information:

    (1) Poster Presentation Details:
    Poster Setup: April 27th (Sat) 9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
    Poster Viewing: April 27th (Sat) 10:30 AM – 5:30 PM (Free Discussion)
    April 28th (Sun) 9:30 AM – 3:00 PM (Free Discussion 11:00 AM-12:00 PM)
    (2) Poster set-up and removal:
    Please handle poster setup and removal on your own. Confirm the "presentation number" on the panel and then attach your poster. The presentation number and pins for attachment will be provided by the secretariat.
    (3) Posters not removed within the specified time:
    Posters not removed within the designated time will be disposed of by the secretariat.
    (4) Poster Sizes:
    Panel: Vertical 210cm × Horizontal 90cm (Set up by the secretariat)
    Presentation Number Display: Vertical 20cm × Horizontal 20cm (Prepared by the secretariat)
    Title (Presentation Title, Affiliation, Name): Within Vertical 20cm × Horizontal 70cm
    Display Space: Within Vertical 160cm × Horizontal 90cm

    Venue Guidelines and Requests:

    1. Please wear a mask within the venue. Entry will not be permitted without one.
    2. Kindly refrain from loud conversations within the venue.
    3. Use hand sanitizer upon entry.
    4. Exercise caution regarding splashes during seminars involving food and beverages.

【Contact/Secretariat office】

21th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Oral Care
4th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Oral Care
Secretariat office
Plando JAPAN Co. Ltd
2 Chome-3-6 Shibadaimon, Minato City, Tokyo 105-0012
TEL: 03-5470-4401